No prior graphic design experience needed

This course is for beginners ― you do not need any prior graphic design experience. We use Spark, Adobe’s super-beginner-friendly graphic design program. Many of our students discover that they have more creative in them than they realized.

spark is feature rich for creating many kinds of graphics

Spark gives you lots of creative options for graphic design. You will learn to create social media posts, social media banners, ads, infographics, web pages, and videos quickly and easily. Create designs for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etsy, YouTube, Eventbrite, and other digital purposes. There are hundreds of combinations of layouts, sizes, colors, fonts, and styles. The creative possibilities are endless! You can see sample designs in our Gallery.

the lesson is super affordable

The cost of Social Media Design in 1 Hour for one student is $95 or $125 for two, or $62.50 each. That’s a 34% discount off the $95 price of a lesson for one.

learn from your laptop or desktop 

The lesson is conducted online via a Zoom meeting from a laptop or desktop. Let’s get started.

the spark graphic design program is free

Adobe Spark is free, reliable, and feature rich. Set up your account before your lesson here

What if I have questions after my one-hour lesson?

After you’ve had time to practice using Adobe’s easy graphic design software, you may have more questions. So we offer an optional 30-minute, post-lesson Q&A, which should be scheduled within six business days of your lesson. Book your lesson today!

How can I use my new graphic design skills?

You’ll be able to use your new graphic design skills for several purposes:

  • To earn extra money as a graphic designer on platforms like Fiverr and others
  • To test the waters for a career change
  • To jazz up your social media profiles and posts

Why us?

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