Social Media Design in 1 Hour gives you the best value for your time and money.

Beginners who want to learn easy graphic design have several options. You can take online graphic design courses on sites like and Or maybe your local community college or library offers courses. You can also view graphic design tutorials on YouTube.

To take most online courses you’ll need expensive graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Sure, you may be able to use free trial versions of these programs for your lessons. But when the free trial ends, you’ll have to buy the program if you want to continue working in graphic design.

So while online courses are very affordable, graphic design software is usually expensive.

In addition, online courses usually require a time commitment of between five to 15 hours. You could spend hours viewing and reviewing. And when a particular feature stumps you, there’s no one to ask.

With Social Media Design in 1 Hour you get 60 to 90 minutes of live, one-on-one training. In that time you will learn all the bells and whistles that can take weeks to master on your own. We use a free program called Spark. At only $95, Social Media Design in 1 Hour is affordable and fast! Book your lesson today.

Bring a friend for a 34% discount

You can take this easy graphic design lesson alone or bring along a friend. The fee for a lesson for two is $125, or $62.50 each. That’s a 34% discount off the $95 price of a lesson for one. Contact us and provide your email addresses. Then we’ll send each of you a discount code. Please coordinate your schedules in advance.